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What can presentation designers do for you?

We can all agree that if done right, PowerPoint is an excellent tool for delivering presentations in both the classroom and the workplace. However, not all of us have the luxury of time to study all of PowerPoint's functions, graphics design, and the science behind presentations. This is where a presentation design studio's expertise comes in, with a team of creative artists, graphic designers, and writers combining their talents to paint a beautiful story on the PowerPoint canvas.

1. Impress your audience with the right visuals

What you say to your audience and how you say it are both important, but the visuals behind you matter too. Your choice of colors, fonts, and images all contribute to building an image of your brand and the ideas you are trying to convey. Your ability to communicate your message will improve using well-designed presentation visuals.

We also take things a step further by applying scientific reasoning into our presentations to make them more memorable. Every slide design takes into account audience retention rates and attention spans during the course of the presentation. A presentation design studio does more than just add pictures to a presentation; it also transforms plain text into compelling visuals that weave a story with a long-lasting impact on the audience.

2. Enhance professionalism through consistency

When people design PowerPoint slides for business purposes, they frequently forget minor details such as consistency, which can have a significant impact on the presentation's quality. Efforts to ensure presentation consistency such as using the same font and text size throughout presentations, aligning your organization's logo correctly, and selecting the appropriate background say a lot about you and your company.

A presentation design studio not only solves these concerns but also brings out the right elements in a presentation that will help close the deal. Presentation designers are experts when it comes to choosing the right colors, images, fonts, and backgrounds for your slides and making sure they are consistent throughout your presentation. Consistency is key to enhancing professionalism which is what a presentation design studio aims to achieve.

3. Elevate your message through storytelling

Presentations are stories, not lists, and stories follow a pattern. They build up to an impact moment and then release a wave of momentum that shifts people’s perceptions and assumptions. Good presentations, like good stories, aren’t boring. Presentations appeal to an audience’s logic, emotions, or both in an attempt to convince the audience to act on the opportunity shared by the presenter. With this kind of power, designers can’t afford to think of presentations as “just another deck.” We shouldn’t rely on the same formulaic templates or use the same high-quality assets for every presentation.

Rather, we should view presentation design as an opportunity to create an engaging narrative that results in significant gains for our clients. We start with a slide outline followed by a mood board to ensure your slides have a cohesive style. The mood board will then lead to a storyboard, so you have a roadmap to follow as you turn your ideas into actual slides.

Like a good book or an Oscar-worthy film, an expertly designed deck rich with insight and design will tell a story that sways emotions and influences decisions.

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